Editors Investment Reinvented

With more than 20 years of Venture Capital and Private Equity experience Dr. Mariana Bozesan is currently responsible for more than 20 portfolio companies. Her know-how includes investing in IT, bio-tech, medical devices, and clean-tech. She was an original investor in CyberNet, the first German Internet stock and Entelios, the first German demand response aggregator.

Dr. Bozesan is a serial entrepreneur turned investor. During her 20+ years of serial entrepreneurship activities, she became the co-founder of 2 technology start-ups, 1 health-care portal and 2 investment companies across 2 continents. Moreover, she has 30+ years of high-tech executive experience (Oracle and DEC now Hewlett-Packard) based in Silicon Valley, Paris, France and Munich, Germany.

The international full member of the Club of Rome is an advisor to many governments including the German, Dutch, and the US State Department. She was a National Advisory Board Member for the G8/G20 Social Impact Investment Task Force, a contributor to Rio+20, the All China Women Federation, UN ECE, UN PRI, and the IIRC.

Karen Wendt is the editor of the Sustainable Finance Series with Springer Science and Business Media, a series dealing with new concepts in Economy, Investment, Finance, Strategy, Management, Leadership, Exponential Tech, Behavioral Finance allowing the economy and business to merge profit and purpose with the Paris Climate Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals and Choice Architecture by Application of Theories of Change.

Being an investment banker with more than 20 years experience Karen is the also the editor of Bestseller Responsible Investment Banking and an expert in the management of environmental and social risks, sustainable finance and positive impact investing. In 2003, she was instrumental in the development of the Equator Principles the risk management gold standard in Investment, which she implemented in two top tier financial institutions, putting preaching into practice and applying robust change management procedures. Karen is keynote speaker, advisor and leadership coach.

Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (born 25 June 1939 in Zürich, Switzerland) is a German scientist and politician. He has been Co-President of the Club of Rome since 2012 together with Anders Wijkman. At the beginning of his career, Ernst served as professor and director of several universities and institutes, such as the UN Centre for Science and Technology for Development. In 1991, he became founding President of the Wuppertal Institute, which developed into a leading think tank on energy efficiency, material flows and climate policy. From 1998 to 2005 he was Member of the German Bundestag, chairing the Committees on Globalization and the Environment.

He then served as Dean of the graduate School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California. In 2007, he was appointed Co-Chair (with Ashok Khosla) of UNEP’s International Resource Panel. Ernst is lead author of three Reports to the Club of Rome: Factor Four (1995), Limits to Privatization (2005), and Factor Five (2009). He lives in Emmendingen with his wife Christine, President of Ecoropa, and has five children.

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