Research Interests

– Sustainable Finance, De-Risking Assets and integrated Accounting
– SRI, ESG, Social Impact Bond and Public Private Partnerships in infrastructure and social finance, Impact Investing Solutions
– Funding Innovation, Impact Entrepreneurship and Creativity
– Public and Mutual Finance
– Micro-Finance and Micro-Lending
– Critical Dimensions of Social and Sustainable Finance including Management Systems and Governance
– Social and Integral Stock Exchanges and Market Making
– Financial Markets Reforms and new companies
– Theories of Change and their role in Co-Creation
– Integrated Performance Measurement and Metrics
– Integrated Reporting and Reporting 4.0
– Regulation and Public Policy in the age of Global Administrative Law
– Integral and Social Entrepreneurship and civil action in the Millenial Age
– New Ways in Business, Prototyping Strategy
– Risks and Opportunity Society and its Implications
– Hybrid Solutions and Forms of entrepreneurship
– Addressing Power Struggles and Conflicts with Mediation and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms
– Going Beyond Mediation – Entrepreneurial Co-Creation and Prototyping Integral Business with Mediation Tools
– Entrepreneurial, Markets and Institutions Perspectives and Solutions for SDG Economics
– Carbon and Environmental Finance Markets and their integration
– Social and Sustainable Banking
– Creating Social Capital
– Transforming Social Capital into Market Capital
– Cost Benefit Analysis, Environmental Accounting and Reporting
– Scaling Entrepreneurship and Franchising for social good
– Investment Portfolio Construction Reinvented and Integral Impact Measurements
– Social Impact Bonds, Public Private Partnerships, Green Bonds and Infrastructure
– Information Economics
– The role of carbon markets reinvented
– Sustainable Cities
– Education Reinvented
– Going beyond Design Thinking
– Going beyond Innovation
– Resilient societies, landscapes & water and air conservation
– Scaling investment and finance for climate commitments
– Market Failure and How to overcome it
– The circular economy
– The Integrally Sustainable Exponential (Tech) Investor
– Leadership in the New Era
– Diversity in Leadership
– Post-heroic Leadership, Co-Creation and World Making
– Complementary Macroeconomics
– SDG Economics
– Biodiversity and Biosphere