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Theories of Change

Sustainable finance has the credentials to become the new paradigm in the investment world!

So with the Paris Agreement and the sustainable Development goals the World Leaders and community have created solution knowledge.

But what about the transformation.? How do we get from where we are to a green economy? The EU and OECD have been working on the policy level on these topics. But how about your enterprise? What does it mean for you? How can you create positive impact?

Recently the EU has published the first parts of the EU Action Plan for sustainable growth including the taxonomy, development of two low carbon benchmarks, increased reporting requirements and its envisaged green bond scheme.  A lot has happened and more is underway.

So do we do support you in your transformation to make it effective. Therefore we need to talk about Theories of change.

Are we all in the middle of the change  in an effective and efficient manner already?

Green assets to invest in have to be created by asset owners.

Let us support you. A theory of change is a blueprint that makes the transformation, and change manageable  and attractive to your stakeholders

We are your experts on theories of change.

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Find out more about it in our publication https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783030522742

In this volume we have diligently assembled the best practice use cases, emerging topics in the field of sustainability that work under a theory of change umbrella and we raise and discuss inconsistencies and offer top noge solutions on sustainability measurement, decision making quantification, alternative assets, alternative finance, change management, the role of creating an ecosystem and offer food for thought  for new business strategies. Is the volume exhaustive. It cannot be, as the topics are emergent and solutions in the making. However this compendium offers a wide range of best practice models and solutions to pave the way in the creating process of theories of change.

Karen Wendt


Theories Of Change Karen Wendt