We all take responsibility and open up all our grass roots of our entire potential. Here we let you know with what institutions in the field we do collaborate from international to local and from science, investment and finance toNGOs and and civil society communities

Green walls doe not make a difference
We have to seed, plant and nourish the ecosystem for impact entrepreneurship and sustainable finance

We are going into the blueprint of nature, take a deeper look and accept this as a mirror to guide us. Forests have an intelligent hidden network, a connected intelligence through the entire root system which is building a united system in oneness. At the same time, each individual is respected and the root system together with an outstanding communication between the individuals through the leaves support the weaker trees. In return this social cohesion and solidarity supports the entire ecosystem of the forest keeping it in balance, thrive and wealth. (Proven by Peter Wohlleben, „The Hidden Life of Trees“)

Reflecting this into the business and corporate world we here find a blueprint of how positive and nourishing it is when we all take responsibility and open up all our grass roots of our entire potential as well as the shadows and grey areas in our companies and use this opening as a way not to expose weakness but instead to inspire each other to be more conscious and to together perform and implement the logical and needed conscious changes for the Higher Good of all that are involved.