Karen Wendt is the editor of the Sustainable Finance Series with Springer Science and Business Media, a series dealing with new concepts in Economy, Investment, Finance, Strategy, Management, Leadership, Exponential Tech, Behavioral Finance allowing the economy and business to merge profit and purpose with the Paris Climate Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals and Choice Architecture by Application of Theories of Change.

Being an investment banker with more than 20 years experience Karen is the also the editor of Bestseller Responsible Investment Banking and an expert in the management of environmental and social risks, sustainable finance and positive impact investing. In 2003, she was instrumental in the development of the Equator Principles the risk management gold standard in Investment, which she implemented in two top tier financial institutions, putting preaching into practice and applying robust change management procedures. Karen is keynote speaker, advisor and leadership coach.

Prof. Dr. Margarethe Rammerstorfer has been a professor and researcher for more than 10 years, focusing on incomplete markets, energy finance and alternative investments sector, developing new ideas with the aim of implementing them in practice. Her teaching portfolio includes courses on Bachelor, Master, PhD and MBA levels. Dr. Rammerstorfer has published numerous scientific articles in the field of energy finance and incomplete markets, ranging from empirical tests of theoretical models to real-world financial performance assessments.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities and research activities at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, she has an active role in the university’s self-administration and is responsible for developing new as well as adapting existing study plans and strategies. In her former position at Modul University Vienna, she was responsible for the International Management program and worked as a Department Head at the same institute